domingo, 4 de setembro de 2011


From time to time people ask my tastes... I like mixing TG and transformations with many other fetishes, here are some of them:

*Looks: - all of them busty, big lips, big ass
Black girl, Asian girl, Ganguro girl (tanned japanese), African black tribal girl, Arabian wife, Geisha, Punk, Raver, Rocker, Fairy Tale Princess, Bronze age slave, good boy hero sidekick into evil girl female sidekick of the villain, Tanned blonde, Blonde, Goth, Demon

*Non-human looks:
faceless Rubber doll, Life sized rubber skinned barbie, Orc girl, Alien girl, Most kinds of rubber animal girl,
Robot girl,  liquid metal skin girl

*Wear: - I love descriptions of how to look and what to wear, Jewelery: lots of bracelets and rings, huge earings, chains on nipples and belly and pussy, Tattoos, lots of makeup, very high heels,

slutwear: tube dress, halter cowls, lycra, rubber, latex, leather, micro shorts, thongs, bikinis

Secretary, Stripper, Porn Actress, Salesgirl, Maid, Houswife, Model

*Things to do:
Go to beach, Staying at home getting trained/fucked/parading, Parties, Dance clubs
Salon, Paraded at restaurants, malls

*Methods: all of them I prefer by stages, 1 to 4 or less or more, not fast as guy goes to machine exits fully brainwashed with super huge body
Machines, Plastic Surgeries, Bio suits,  Robot suits, Feminizing Chemicals, Bio implants glued over body
magic only on very few specific cases (medieval, some kinds of rubber fantasies), Brainwashing, Convincing,
Corruption, Bukkakke, Cum Pools, Fisting, Huge cocks

Becoming small dicked or female and normal cock sometimes, Pregnant with cum belly or fake belly,
Lactation, Egg laying, Fucking machines

*Dislikes: Vampires, furry skin, angels, blood, scat, teens and underages, babies, real pregnancy, vore, magical, way too quick transformations

I think those are the main ones, but i have much mroe others that are variations hehe...

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