quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2012

Guy to roupie girl/rock chick

Guy to roupie girl/rock chick

A super exclusive rock show has tickets left only for females
The radio station dj jokes that many guys will crossdress to watch the show
2 guys have the idea of going dressed as girls to see the show
One of them puts lots of effort to train, buying makeup and used silicon boobies
He even steal sister clothing and trains on it and on her makeup
At the show, huge black security guy takes the bad dressed one out of the stage
But the security guy starts htting the one who looked good dressed as a girl
Security guy says that she will know the band if she gives him a bj
She does it and when on her way finds the manager, and has to bj him
Inside the band´s backstage room, the manager and the security guy teslls the band he

got the best bj ever
She gets inside and everybody caress her... teases her
She makes a they discover the truth,
They tease her about being groupie and traveling with the band, and they would pay all

expenses, and dont mind he "was a guy"
Grupal sex scene and than jump to some some months later
the guy who was bad dressed as a girl, gets the visit of a sexy busty rocker girl
it is the good dressed friend, who invite him to become a groupie as her
time jump or maybe explaining what happens to the first girl, or to the second
at end, the band has 2 sexy slutty groupies

quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012

Guy to Beach Babe story idea

Guy to Beach Babe story idea

The idea is about a guy who has a beach surfer friend, and ends becoming a blonde tanned surf cliche girl, with sexy plastic bimbo body and tribal tattoos. She will  be a tanned blonde bikini girl, tan marks pink bikinis,
other colors for makeup and clothings, tan tattoos also, even on face.

I had some options for it, willing and unwilling - of half willing.

The main idea is that the main character - victim - is the best friend or entouarge of a famous surfer guy. He is photographed with the victim, and all press think he is a girl, and everybody wants to know who is the girlfriend of him.

He tries to deny it, and that makes the press more and more curious. He makes an agreement with the victim, telling that it was his fault, and that he would give him lots of money to prettend to be his girl for some time, as he had troubles with models and other girls who tried to steal his money and gave him lots of problems. The victim agrees, and goes to have some surgeons, and from there:

a) victim knows it all and likes
stage one, made to use bikinies blackmailed/convinced to become girl for summer
stage two, paid to be giflriend for impressing for a year, boobie jobs, likes not having to work and only caring for loking pretty, loves sex
stage 3, likes it, bigger bustier body sex addicted, asks for bigge bimbo body, complete bimbo slut with fake plastic body

b) victim doesnt know and has amnesia
hipnotizes to act as a girl,
1-makes thinking it was his idea
2-start not remembering things
stage one, made to use bikinies blackmailed/convinced to become girl for summer
stage two, taken to clinic brainwashed to forget who was, boobie jobs, likes not having to work and only caring for loking pretty, loves sex
stage 3, hypnotized into sex addicted, asks for bigge bimbo body, complete bimbo slut with fake plastic body

On both ideas, he starts enjoying the bimbo lifestyle, needing only to look for his food and for looking pretty, not needing to work or worry about anything. As the critics of the media grow, he needs to train intimacy with the surfer guy, and that makes him act and look girlier...

After some bad impression of being a prude girl, on a party or competition, he starts to do oral sex to learn and get used to be a naughty girl. Soon he is having sex. And than is lost on the bimbo surfer girl world.

Back to original purpose

I removed the pics, I think I have nice pics, but would waste too much time editing and choosing. I am back to the original idea of the purpose of the blog I had in mind, posting quick ideas of stories I have.

Hope  you like, and the ideas are all free to use :)

See ya!

domingo, 4 de setembro de 2011


From time to time people ask my tastes... I like mixing TG and transformations with many other fetishes, here are some of them:

*Looks: - all of them busty, big lips, big ass
Black girl, Asian girl, Ganguro girl (tanned japanese), African black tribal girl, Arabian wife, Geisha, Punk, Raver, Rocker, Fairy Tale Princess, Bronze age slave, good boy hero sidekick into evil girl female sidekick of the villain, Tanned blonde, Blonde, Goth, Demon

*Non-human looks:
faceless Rubber doll, Life sized rubber skinned barbie, Orc girl, Alien girl, Most kinds of rubber animal girl,
Robot girl,  liquid metal skin girl

*Wear: - I love descriptions of how to look and what to wear, Jewelery: lots of bracelets and rings, huge earings, chains on nipples and belly and pussy, Tattoos, lots of makeup, very high heels,

slutwear: tube dress, halter cowls, lycra, rubber, latex, leather, micro shorts, thongs, bikinis

Secretary, Stripper, Porn Actress, Salesgirl, Maid, Houswife, Model

*Things to do:
Go to beach, Staying at home getting trained/fucked/parading, Parties, Dance clubs
Salon, Paraded at restaurants, malls

*Methods: all of them I prefer by stages, 1 to 4 or less or more, not fast as guy goes to machine exits fully brainwashed with super huge body
Machines, Plastic Surgeries, Bio suits,  Robot suits, Feminizing Chemicals, Bio implants glued over body
magic only on very few specific cases (medieval, some kinds of rubber fantasies), Brainwashing, Convincing,
Corruption, Bukkakke, Cum Pools, Fisting, Huge cocks

Becoming small dicked or female and normal cock sometimes, Pregnant with cum belly or fake belly,
Lactation, Egg laying, Fucking machines

*Dislikes: Vampires, furry skin, angels, blood, scat, teens and underages, babies, real pregnancy, vore, magical, way too quick transformations

I think those are the main ones, but i have much mroe others that are variations hehe...

Hello World

First posting on the blog.

You might know me, CasperTG, the tg transformation sequences artist.

Because of problems beyond my control, I am lacking the will to draw and the time and privacy to do so. I will try using this blog to post undrawn ideas, pics I like and hope to entretain and inspire people.

See you soon!