quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2012

Guy to roupie girl/rock chick

Guy to roupie girl/rock chick

A super exclusive rock show has tickets left only for females
The radio station dj jokes that many guys will crossdress to watch the show
2 guys have the idea of going dressed as girls to see the show
One of them puts lots of effort to train, buying makeup and used silicon boobies
He even steal sister clothing and trains on it and on her makeup
At the show, huge black security guy takes the bad dressed one out of the stage
But the security guy starts htting the one who looked good dressed as a girl
Security guy says that she will know the band if she gives him a bj
She does it and when on her way finds the manager, and has to bj him
Inside the band´s backstage room, the manager and the security guy teslls the band he

got the best bj ever
She gets inside and everybody caress her... teases her
She makes a they discover the truth,
They tease her about being groupie and traveling with the band, and they would pay all

expenses, and dont mind he "was a guy"
Grupal sex scene and than jump to some some months later
the guy who was bad dressed as a girl, gets the visit of a sexy busty rocker girl
it is the good dressed friend, who invite him to become a groupie as her
time jump or maybe explaining what happens to the first girl, or to the second
at end, the band has 2 sexy slutty groupies

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